About Us

About Us

Seawood Enterprises is a highly experienced custom builder and general contractor that has been building and renovating quality homes and commercial buildings since 1986. We are a family operated and owned local business, and our team is made up of skilled craftsmen, educated managers, and dependable sub-contractors. We pride ourselves on our continued, open, and active communication throughout all the phases of a project. Our transparent business philosophy is based on honesty, integrity, and positivity. We believe that the happiness of our clients is achieved by always providing our clients with all the details, throughout all phases of a project, and always delivering exceptional projects and respectful services.

Seawood Enterprises is unique from other builders & general contractors because of our philosophy, but also because of the family members that run it. Our dedicated project managers are educated and have much experience in: project planning, construction, and design. They work closely with our clients to successfully make their ideas become a reality. What also sets us apart is our hands-on attitude. We’re always on the construction site, involved and overseeing the smallest of details, to ensure that each completed project greatly exceeds our client’s expectations and meets our high-quality standards.
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