Consulting & Design - Seawood Enterprises

Seawood Enterprises provides professional pre-construction consulting and design services. Our consulting services offer guidance to clients throughout the pre-construction phases. These services assist clients with a variety of situations, such as some of the following consulting services:
  • Project Feasibility Studies

    We can determine whether or not local and/or state authorities will approve a building permit for a proposed construction or renovation project.

  • Shoreland Zoning

    Working in and around the seacoast area can involve many instances were a building lot abuts shoreland zoned areas. We are very familiar with shoreland zoning and the related laws/regulations, and can work with the land use authorities to help you better understand how shoreland zoning can affect your projects feasibility.

  • Permit Approval Process

    We will work with code enforcement officials in the municipality that the project is located, and submit the necessary applications and additional documentation to obtain a building permit on the client’s behalf. Our team is very familiar with the local building codes and has developed a great relationship with local code enforcement professionals.

  • Project Planning & Design

    Seawood Ent. works directly with homeowners or facility owners to develop a proposed design (if needed), and develop a scope of work for the proposed project. We offer in-house design, and can create and modify building plans for any proposed building projects. We are also very familiar and comfortable with working with architects and designers and we form a productive working relationship with our client’s architect – assisting in design constructability reviews and project planning.

  • Estimation Services

    We offer full construction cost estimating services, and always work with our client to help them establish a comfortable budget for their projects. Each detailed estimate we make becomes part of the construction contract for a project. Our estimates work as an excellent working tool before and throughout a project – providing a breakdown of work areas and costs, for us and the client to reference.

  • Construction Project Management

    As a general contractor we will work to manage and oversee all the details of our client’s projects – this way you only have to deal with one company (instead of many sub-contractor trades). This service is part of our normal construction services, and ensures the project is completed to our client’s specifications.

Here at Seawood Enterprises we believe in treating every home as if it were our own. We always review every detail to make sure it meets or exceeds our high quality standards. This service, along with our positive and friendly attitudes – always provides excellent finished projects that are completed on time and on budget.